An introduction to embroidered workwear

Embroidery is the process of stitching a logo or text onto a garment. Nothing says quality like an embroidered company logo or text design on your clothing. Embroidery gives an unparalelled sense of professionalism and seamlessly becomes one with the garment. It’s also perfect for any material, be it Polo Shirt, Overall, Sweatshirt, Jacket or Hi-Vis. If it’s style you’re after, embroidery is always the way to go.

What are the options?

We split artwork provided into two types: text and logos. If it’s just basic text you’d like embroidered, we can apply this to your garments for free when you spend £100 or more. If it’s a logo, these can be stitched for free when spending £200 or more. Due to the time it takes to reproduce or ‘digitise’ logo designs supplied, a one-off Artwork Set-Up Charge of £20 is applicable per design.

What’s the process?

Using top of the range embroidery software and machinery, our process is all about doing your company and branding justice. Here’s how it breaks down...



The first step is to take your text or logo and digitise it. This basically means reproduce it and save as a stitch format that our machines can understand.

We use the latest Tajima Pulse software, giving ultimate control - right down the last stitch.


Garment hooping

Once the design is finalised, the positions you choose to apply your embroidery are clamped flat using dedicated machine hoops.

Hoops come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the design being stitched.


Thread loading

Design colour quantities is never an issue with embroidery, as our machines can run up to 12 at a time. The relevant colours are threaded prior to file loading.

We only use Madeira threads. With their superior strength and vibrance, you won’t find better.


Machine running

With everything ready, the final step is to load the machine readable stitch file of your design and press go!

Our state of the art Tajima machines run 8 heads at a time, meaning we can turn orders around quickly and efficiently.

Any questions? Send us a message...

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