An introduction to screen printed workwear

If it’s impact you’re looking for, screen printing is the ideal medium. The process involves pulling coloured ink through a stencilled screen onto a garment, which is then dried at incredibly high temperatures. Perfect for drawing attention from a distance, printing can cater for both intricate and big, bold designs, and is great on most garment materials including T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Hoodie and Hi-Vis.

What are the options?

As standard, we offer screen printing application to the chest or back areas of a garment, as these have the most visual impact. We can offer application in other positions if needed, on request. For speed of order processing, printing is kept to one colour designs only, but we’re more than capable to take on jobs with up to three colours. A one-off Artwork Set-Up Charge of £20 is applicable to cover the screen costs.

What’s the process?

With 30 years in the business, we know traditional hand printed techniques give superior results in both colour vibrance and finish quality. Here’s how the process breaks down...



The first step is to take your artwork and digitise it. This basically means seperate and reproduce colour layers as black and white ‘vector’ files, with crisp, soild edges.

We use the latest Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator software for enhanced compatibility.


Screen coating

Once the design is finalised, the screen (a metal frame sided with a tight mesh) is coated with a light sensitive emulsion and then left to dry under heat.


Film printing

Whilst the screen is drying, the vectorised artwork is printed onto a clear acetate sheet (or sheets if more than one colour).

The sheet must be transparent to ensure that only the design itself is transfered to the screen.


Film alignment

With the light sensitive emulsion now dry, the acetate sheet is aligned and tacked onto the screen.


Screen exposure

Next, the screen is placed and sealed inside an exposing unit, where uv (black) light is used to fully harden and seal the emulsion - except underneath the artwork.

The opaque design on the film creates a stencil, which is then fully washed and cleared.


Screen alignment

After again being dried under heat, the screen is ready to be aligned and gripped onto the carousel.

The carousel has ‘arms’, each that hold a single screen. To create multi colour prints, each arm can lower over the garment for exact design reformation.


Ink application

With the screen lowered over the garment, the chosen colour ink is spread like paint just above the stencil design and pulled evenly by hand using a squeegee.

The ink seeps throught the exposed mesh of the screen, leaving an imprint on the material below.



The ink remains wet, so the garment is carefully removed from the carousel plate and placed through a roller drier at an extremely high temperature to dry it.

The garment is now ready to promote your business!

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